Radio Gaelcon!

Radio Gaelcon


A lot of gamers from outside Ireland have asked me “What is an Irish con like?”  It’s not an easy question to answer without sounding like you are selling them or over-doing it on the praise.  I mean, words such as “amazing”, “fun” and “very social” seem to be inadequate to capture the feel of Irish gamers and sound too much like a sales pitch to be completely believable.  The, one day, I was listening to the Adventuring Party and thought to myself, “why not podcast an Irish con?”

I weighed the pros and cons and it came out quite positive – at a basic level, I could talk to gamers at Gaelcon and record a sense of the con for posterity.  Outside that, it could be sent across the globe and perhaps provide nostalgia for the members of our gaming family abroad.  On an ambitious level, it might even serve to advertise the Irish gaming scene to those overseas and encourage them to come to our shores.  Either way, I couldn’t see any reason for not doing it.

Now, in order to make the download attractive and work like a background radio station one could play while working, etc, I needed music.  And I wanted it to be legal.  So I approached IMRO and bought a licence which, if the project works, I’ll be renewing on an annual basis.

The final piece of the jigsaw 9and a big piece it was) was provided by Shane from the Adventuring party – being the technical wherewithal, the equipment and advice on the software to use.  I did bring the music!


The Project

One all the stuff was in place, I approached Baz and Gaelcon with the idea and received a very enthusiastic thumbs up, for which I am extremely grateful.  Then came the terrifying recognition that I need to get programme, interviewees and a basic plan in place to fill the slot with actual proper content.

I wanted it to be as organic as possible, get a real cross-section of people at the con – interview the new, the old hands, the traders, the people who make up the familiar faced at Irish gaming conventions, the movers, the shakers and the RPG makers.  Of course, I had no idea how it would work.  As you will hear from Saturday morning, I had hoped to interview writers, GMs and players.  But, true to Irish gamers, they spent the entire con, well GMing and gaming!  So I became a fan of the pause-record method and hunted down people willing to share a few words.

I also did not want it to interfere with games going on in the main hall, so the volume was low in the hall, but high enough to be recorded properly and heard by those who wanted to stand in front of the speakers and listen in.

The actual content was funnily enough quite like an Irish gaming con – full of life on Saturday, busy with everything else on Sunday and gearing up for the Charity Auction and quiet on Sunday as people nurses a 3-day gaming-and-festivities hangover!

Did it go well?  I honestly have no idea as I find it very difficult to self-criticise...not to mentioned the difficulty of listening to my own voice with any objectivity!


The Product

We have three one-hour (ish) slots on Satruday.  We did have two one-hour slots on Sunday, but the Sunday pm one appears to have gone missing, posing instead as a charity auction part one file.  I hope it will resurface and, if it does not, I sincerely apologise to all people who were interviewed in that slot.  Hey – you are dealing with rank amateurs here!  There was one one-hour slot on Monday.

Also recorded in full in three-parts is the charity auction – I think it is our first recorded record of the work the charity auction guys do.

I tried not to over-edit.  For example, it was suggested that I do an end-piece to talk about the closing ceremony, but I thought – it would be lovely if these podcasts could provoke people into their own recollections and maybe even leave comments, thoughts, or random memories.  That and, to be perfectly frank, I was tired!

Hopefully you enjoy the podcasts.  Hopefully they work for you.  And who knows the project might even grow legs and become almost semi-professional!


Thanks to (in no particular order)

Shane W and the Adventuring Party

Steve Jackson (of Steve Jackson Games)

Ed Healy (of warpig Radio)

John Wick (of John Wick)

Baz and the Gaelcon crew

The IGA (esp Aidan Walsh for making this site)


The MIB (esp Rory who held the fort in my absence and played music for the waiting masses (not recorded!))

Anyone who was interviewed!


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